What’s in My Stitching Bag? – Part 2 by Mary Hodges

When I looked at Jessica’s stitching bag list in last month’s newsletter, my first thought was “Holy Cats, she IS packin’ for a safari”. After checking out my bag, I realize that I could join Jessica on her stitching safari… Yikes! I tend to have two types of stitching bags – quick project and big project.

My Quick Project Bag contains:

  •  Project (small kit – like mill hill ornament -with all project supplies included)
  • Needles (and pins) in a needle case
  • Floss organizer
  • Needle threader
  • Scissors
  • Bone needle
  • Needle pulling tool
  • Travel light
  •  Ort container
  • and for some odd reason, tape measure, airline earphones, cough drops, wet naps, nail file, sharpie pen



My Big Project Bag contains:

  • Portable Stitching Stand (Elan is my stand of choice)
  • Project (usually on scroll frame)
  • 8″x11″ish bag to hold all threads, embellishments and pattern
  • Magnetic board to hold pattern while stitching
  • Tool Box

Tool Box (and this is where I give Jessica a run for her money)

  • 2 extra pairs of reading glasses (with cleaner and cloth)
  • 6″ Ruler
  • Fiber Hiding tool
  • Laying Tool
  • (2 ) pairs of scissors
  • (2) Ort holders
  • (3) Bone Needles
  • (7) Needle cases (one with pins)
  • (7) Needle Threaders (Houston, I have a problem)
  • Scissor block (holds scissors, bone needle and laying tool)
  • (2) Small bead mats
  • Telescoping magnet
  • Fray Check (for sealing edges of fabric prior to stitching)
  • hardly ever use, but just in case: beeswax,Highlighter guide (film to highlight areas of project — not a highlighting pen), Do-It Tooly (buries threads), tape measure, staple remover, nail file, pencil, pen, post- it notes
  • Beaded Spider

The only thing I add when going to a retreat: a floor lamp, frame weight, and extension cords.