We invite SANG Stitchers to change the world …one child at a time.

Full details are in the February or March issues of the SANG newsletter — to recap:

We are asking our SANG stitchers to make “Any Child” squares in support of Love Quilts USA. The pattern choice will be yours – try and pick a pattern that fits into the types of themes they currently use:
1) Realistic dogs, sports and superheroes for boys or

2) Flowers and/or insects, inspirational words or phrases, and princess stuff for girls.
In order for the squares to blend, you must adhere to the following guidelines when stitching your squares: Fabric: WHITE AIDA cloth (I can’t stress the white enough, NO ecru)
Count Size: 11, 14, 16 or 18 count AIDA (NO linen please)
Outside Dimensions: 13×13 inches, PLEASE make sure it isn’t less than 12×12 inches. If your fabric is 12×18 in. please cut the 18 to 13 inches, which is fine.
Inside Dimensions: between 9×9 inches and 5×5 inches for design. If your pattern ends up being 3×3 inches or less (design area), please put a border around it. Patterns cannot exceed 9×9 inches.

Please bring your finished squares to our November program.