Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

I hope all of you are busy making bookmarks for the outreach for South Central Region. They are my favorite drag along tote bag. I don’t need great light and almost know some patterns by heart. We need to turn them in at the May 3 luncheon.

Ellen Riojas Clark, Ph.D., is our speaker on Huipiles, a cultural blouse. They looked pretty in the September 2013 Needle Arts Magazine. The coupon is in this newsletter. The deadline is April 30.

We also have a coupon for the Tanya Berlin Hapsburg lace class on May 10 and September 13 at The Forum and the summer project of the Hapsburg Scissor Case. They are both beautiful pieces. The deadline for both is April 15 so Tawney can order the kits.

Needleworkers need to be careful where they sit because their needles can show up anywhere. I found one on the driver’s seat in my car. I have no idea how it got there. Maybe it was in my clothes or worked its way out of my purse made of fabric. I did a cross stitch pillow that said “A needle in the hand is worth two in the couch.” I could change it to “or in your car seat.” I don’t like hearing the vacuum cleaner pick them up either.

I hope to see all of you at our May 3 luncheon at Ft. Sam Houston Golf Club and hear Dr. Clark’s presentation.

Joan Vanderbrink