Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

As we welcome the New Year, I start my first month as chapter president. I want to thank our outgoing president Joan Vanderbrink and her board (Ruth Owens, Tawney Carter, Pat Allison, Karin Shaw, Mary Hodges, Joyce McCoig, Doris Johnson, Diane Williams, and Marilyn Veach) for getting us through another 2 years.

I look back on the last year and our group has done some amazing things of which we can be proud.

In 2014:

  • Marilyn Veach won the Heart and Hand award in the region.
  • Karin Shaw was juried into the 2014 Through the Needles’ Eye exhibit.
  • Tawney Carter won the SCR Logo 2015 contest. Her piece will be featured on the cover of the seminar brochure when it is printed.
  • Pat Goaley also received Master Craftsman status in two subjects: Surface Embroidery and Crewel.
  • SANG made contributions to the Toys for Tots and the St. Mark’s Methodist Church Homeless Student Program.

    2014 saw the passing of one of our beloved members Yolanda Kujawski. Yolanda served as a board member in many different capacities. I will miss her energy and enthusiasm. I think about her every time I see an Ann Strite-Kurz piece. Yolanda had several framed pieces from designer in her home.

    Now that the holidays are behind us maybe we can get some serious stitching done. My New Year’s resolution is to start setting aside time each day to achieve a small goal. For me I am currently working on several Heaven and Earth designs so that is going to be one 10 x 10 block which amounts to 100 stitches. It is my take and Gay Ann Rogers’ twelve stitches a day theory. Let see if I can make it the first 21 day to make it a habit.

    So what are your New Year’s stitching resolutions and what can we do as a group to help you achieve your stitching goals?