Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

Spring is well under way and the April Holidays have come and gone. Our SANG year is winding down but we all have all those great projects to work on on vacation and at all the stitch ins over the summer. The Night Meeting times will also continue as stitch ins. Wouldn’t want your fingers to get rusty!

The May Salad Luncheon on (Saturday May 6) has passed it’s deadline BUT if you would like to join us for a fun day with a wonderful lecture by Pat Goaley , please contact Diane Williams ASAP ! Bring a salad or dessert-homemade or not! If it’s something you enjoy, we will, too.

I am enjoying watching all the Love Quilt blocks grow. Mine is just a paw and a small part of the front so far but there is time.

Jessica and I are carrying tickets for the 2018 SCR Seminar drawing. The Guildy Treasures Seminar will be in Dallas in June of 2018 and includes many of our favorite teachers.

I hope most of you have voted on the Group Correspondence Courses. I am still carrying the copies of all the GCC’s for those who need to see the choices to vote on the SCR selections to be offered (voting open until June and I have ballots as well). You are not signing up for the classes by voting.

Hope to see you all at the Luncheon and some of you at the SCR and EGA Seminars!

Happy Stitching!

Pat Sweet