Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

March is starting and we must already be past the “in like a lion “ part! I hope none of us suffered any more than time spent in the cramped, innermost parts of our houses and, maybe, time without power or cable!

Stitch in Public Day was celebrated by teaching children at the Forest Hills Library on the afternoon of February 7. Thanks to Joyce McCoig, Carol Reeves and Joan Vanderbrink for teaching.(Double thanks to Joan for arranging the event and gathering materials for the class). We had a good time with the children-some of whom were familiar faces back for a new project! We then grabbed a quick supper and went to the Maverick Library to stitch in Public for a few more hours! Such a mad social whirl!

Jessica Jones attended the SCR Semi-Annual Meeting in Dallas and brought back many exciting news items. She also brought back the tickets for the opportunity to win a free trip to SCR Seminar 2018 in Dallas. She and I will be carrying those at the meetings and stitch-ins.

At the February SANG meetings it was voted to hold a SCR Seminar here! It will most likely be held in 2020. The committee will be looking for volunteers and ideas for a theme and a logo. I know everyone will want to take part in one way or another.

The Board is trying to take inventory of all the Guild’s “things” (easels, cords, officers’ notebooks, and anything else) SO if things have been stored at your house, please make a list and give/send it to Joan Vanderbrink, our Secretary.

As always, read on for more information about upcoming classes, The “Retro Style” Luncheon, The Seminar and …

Happy Stitching!

Pat Sweet