Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

It is hard to believe that it is December. As the year and the month come to an end, so too does my tenure as your president. I would like to thank my board. I could not have done my job as president without all their help and support.Thanks to:

  •  Pat Sweet – Education
  • Karin Shaw – Membership
  • Ruth Krimsky – Day Meeting
  • Sue Preston – Treasurer
  • Mary Hodges – Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Outreach
  • Joan Vanderbrink –Region Representative, Publicity, Historian
  • Diane Williams – Special Events
  • Joyce McCoig – ByLaws, Newsletter Distribution
  • Tawney Carter – Website
  • Doris Johnson – Courtesy

    As January starts I will be handing the reins over to Pat Sweet and her board. I am looking forward to taking on a supporting role in the coming year in hopes that it will give me more time for stitching. This group means the world to me and it was an honor to serve as your president for 2015-2016. What we accomplish together as SANG matters and it matters not only on a local level but to others in our stitching community. As I look back on the past 2 years here are some of the things I am most proud of:

    • We learned to dye fabric and floss.
    • We taught several children how to stitch at our local libraries.
    • We have put on several amazing displays at our local libraries.
    • We have had several of our articles reprinted in other EGA newsletters.
    • We learned how to bead a Star.
    • We learned how to frame our own projects.
    • We introduced Threads of Blessing to EGA
    • We stitched a lot of blocks for Quilts of Love.

      If you loved stitching the Aida blocks for Quilts of Love, I have been told that we will be continuing it next year as part of our outreach program. So if you’re a slow stitcher like me, you might want to get a head start for next November’s turn in.
      I enjoyed seeing everyone at our December Luncheon.As always happy stitching,

      Jessica Jones