Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

One of the special things about being from San Antonio is that April brings Fiesta. I look forward every year to see how the themes for the parades translate into the gowns that Fiesta royalty will wear. This year’s theme for the Battle of Flowers Parade is “Texas Traditions…125 years”. Imagine my surprise that this year marks Fiesta’s 125th year anniversary.

So in honor of Fiesta, I have chosen my SAL piece for the April Showers Bring May Flowers SAL to be Northern Expressions’ Rainbow Sampler. It reminds me of Fiesta with all of its different colors. What makes this sampler different is that the bands are stitched on the diagonal. Each band of the project is a different specialty stitch. If you are not comfortable with specialty stitches the pattern is also charted in cross stitch only. I kitted the project the way that it was originally stitched with Lakeside Linen and Au Ver A Soie silk.

We have our May luncheon coming up on May 7th, so if you have not signed up yet make sure you get you check in the mail to Marilyn Veach by April 26th.

I would like to thank Diane Williams for teaching “For the love of Stitching Fob” for February and March’s technique classes. I look forward to seeing everyone’s finished piece.

I would like to thank Ruth Krimsky for the lovely demonstration on machine embroidered cards.

I would like to thank Kathy Wood, Ruth’s sister for bringing her embroidery machine and helping everyone out during the March meeting.

I would like to thank Mary Hodges for bringing her card making supplies and embroidery machine for the March meeting. The card making tools provided the finishing touches which took our cards from good to great.

I would like to thank Pat Sweet for graciously allowing us to use her house for the March meeting and for housing Yolanda’s Stash until we can find new loving homes for all of the items.

You may not have noticed but it is an election year not only for the nation, but for SANG as well. I will be appointing a member of the board this month to chair the nominating committee. I will also be asking for two volunteers from the day group and two from the night group to serve on this committee. If you are interested in an office with the guild for the next two years please let one of the committee members know. If you are not interested in serving as an officer please consider serving on the nominating committee.

As always happy stitching,

Jessica Jones