SCR Group Correspondence Courses 

This year’s finalists are:

Bargello Challenge ($35.00) Make a Joyful Stitch ($32.50) Needlework Tool Case ($28.00) Poppies ($35.00)

The text fee is shown above, all supplies to be provided by the student. South Central Region absorbs all shipping and handling costs. National adds shipping and handling to the text fee in their Lightening Rounds so SCR is a better deal!

As always, SCR will sponsor all classes that get 8 members enrolled. To enroll, please fill out the registration document and send a check for the text fee sooner than later! Deadline is March 31st so get those checks in the mail by St Patrick’s Day.

For those of you really ambitious stitchers who want to enroll for more than one class, please fill out a separate check and form for each class. This way if a class doesn’t make I can send you back the check a lot faster, since I don’t have to get a reimbursement done.

Registration forms can be found on the SCR website: Please do not hesitate to email Beth if you have any questions. Have fun!

Beth Newton
SCR GCC Coordinator 10715 Albury Dr Houston, TX 77096