Retreat at Haven River Inn 2013

What happens when a great group of stitchers get together for a weekend retreat? Hours of stitching, eating, fun and laughter ensues! Eager stitchers who were able to start their weekend
adventure early gathered first at the home of Darlene Funk who graciously opened her home for lunch and a place to gather prior to the “official” open of the retreat. Being the last-minute packer that I am, I was unable to make the “pre-party” at Darlene’s, and hear that I missed out on fabulous food and hospitality.

My drive to Comfort was overcast with occasional sprinkles, but the weather held out and everyone was able to unpack without getting wet. Looking around the stitching room, it was easy to see that no one would run out of projects to work on — I think we all took enough projects for a month, not just a long weekend.

Like Camelot, it only rained the first night that we were at Haven Inn. The days and the rest of the weekend were beautiful. Stitching on the inner porch with our fabulous view appears to have inspired all of the stitchers, there were many, many projects completed during the weekend.

Knowing that stitchers go to retreats to, well, stitch – our peerless retreat leader Diane limited the activities that would take away from our stitching time. Halloween came and it was all treats, no tricks. Retreat participants received candy and uninterrupted stitching time. Friday Night was “Movie Night” – wine, cheese, popcorn and fruit accompanied a viewing of “Bird Cage” (even here, some viewers multi-tasked and stitched).

Saturday was a busy day. Each stitcher was encouraged to make a nametag when they arrived and on Saturday the creative ladies put the best of them up for a vote. Competition was fierce, with a two-way tie for the top. Deciding the winner wasn’t easy, but in the end Patsy Berry edged out Dolores Blomstrom for the win. The white elephant gift exchange was great; however, due to the high level of thievery Carole Lake opened up about 2/3 of the gifts. The wonderful items revealed as each gift was opened showed that our talented stitchers clearly know how to shop! Formal activities ended with the selection of the winning “Name the Retreat” entry. Both Cyd Anglin and Rosalie Moon entered the winning name: “Stitch-In Comfort”

For my part, I count the retreat a total success — conversation was lively, I was able to stitch outdoors both on the outer porch AND in the cement gazebo, the food was wonderful, and my needle wasn’t cursed (as it was at last year’s retreat). I personally would like to let everyone know how much I appreciated their participation in the various activities. Everyone was a great sport throughout the weekend. As proof, here’s a picture of the group wearing the masks included in every goodie bag (what would Halloween be without costumes?). Diane and I would like to thank the following ladies who helped us with their contributions to the retreat goodie bags: Marsha Boysen, Caroline McCauley, and Ruth Looney. I’m already looking forward to next year’s retreat. Diane and I have a couple of ideas brewing… Mary Hodges