Programs April 2018

Our April meetings were full of pine trees! Pine tree stand-ups, that is. A total of eight members finished the Mini Pine Tree that we started stitching at the March meetings. Several others took home kits to finish theirs as soon as stitching is complete. If you weren’t at a meeting, and you need a finishing kit, just let Joyce know; and she will see that you get one. And for those who have their finishing supplies, remember she is available at any meeting or stitch-in to help you with your tree. Those who are already finished can attest to the fact that this finishing is quick and easy. Here’s a photo of the ones that were done at the day meeting. We’re now looking forward to having our South Central region director, Shawn Miller, lead us in her stocking project at the spring luncheon on May 12. This will be our last program before the summer break. There will still be lots of opportunities to sit and stitch over the summer months. Library stitch-ins and the Wednesday day stitch-ins will continue as well as the fourth Tuesday night stitch-in at St. Marks Church on Vance Jackson.

-Joyce McCoig