News from the annual meeting and seminar

t the banquet the officers elected in January were installed to serve for the next 2 years. They are:

Region Director – Shawn Miller
Assistant Region Director – Sandra Harwell Secretary – Karen Heller
Treasurer – Sherri Hagar
Education Coordinator – Mary Waldsmith

Shawn Miller reported that there will be 2 more classes from SCR through The Shining Needle Society. The first one will be a canvas project. We will only pay $15 of the $40 registration fee and a much better process for checking if registrants are members of SCR is in place. They are working to keep kit costs at a minimum. The other technique is in the works.

The Education Grant for Chapters will be $300 this year and we will be looking for a way to use it that will appeal to the most members.

In the next newsletter from SCR, Stitches, there will be information about applying for 2 $200 scholarships for those wishing to take classes. Apply by November 2017. The only requirement is that you write an article on the class. (It was mentioned that if you do not receive Stitches, you should check with the National Office about your email address and that stitches is formatted for computers and not for mobile devices)

We have the seminars for the next 7 years spoken for! We are a most active and involved Region!