Fabric and Floss Dyeing – Part 1

When I suggested to Pat that we do a class on dyeing fabric and floss, she asked “Who is going to teach this class?” I said that I would because I watched a video on YouTube and thought “I can do that. It’s not that difficult.” …and the results were amazing. There was some trial and error in refining the process I finally presented to our members in the class held in October. Attendees asked me to write down the process and include it in the newsletter, so here it is. I am going to start with Part 1 which is a bibliography of sorts. Basically this is all of the different sources on the web that I used to gathered material for our class. Part 2 will be a list the steps for the fabric dyeing process. Finally Part 3 will be the steps for the floss dyeing.

There is an abundance of material out there. Listed below are most of the videos I reviewed to develop the process that I used. We used RIT dye and their website is full of useful information. As you can see I looked at a lot of their videos and written instructions. You may see some videos that use other products. I was trying to get a feel for what is available and what can be used to dye fabric and floss.

[editor’s note: Jessica included an insane (but impressive!) FOURTY video and website links in her original article. I have pared it down to 3. You’re welcome.]

For Fabric Dyeing