EGA Stitch-Along Group on Facebook

For the last several years, EGA has been making a concerted effort to catch the organization up with the 21st century. The latest effort is a new group on Facebook, the EGA Stitch-Along. Since last September, a new free project has been introduced each month to encourage new stitchers and show off the resources offered by EGA. Projects are geared toward both the beginner and the experienced stitcher. Participants need not be a member of EGA, but the hope is those who aren’t will want to join. Kate Gaunt from the Shining Needle Society also administers the EGA Stitch-Along. On the first day of each month, Kate presents a new project. In January, the project was pulled stitches; February introduced redwork. Several SANG members are working on Ambrosia Honey, the beautiful bargello project that has been in Needle Arts for four issues. As of the end of January, the EGA Stitch-Along has over 14,000 followers. That’s almost 5,000 more than the current EGA membership! Check it out today!