Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye… December 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as I did! Always good to be with family and enjoy all the treats of the day!

I am thankful for all those who came to the exhibit at Chandler House and those who brought or sent their lovely pieces! I think the residents enjoyed it.

Also for all the Cross Stitch blocks turned in for Love Quilts, and threads for Threads of Blessing and stash sold and out of our houses : ) . The generosity of our members never ceases to amaze me!

By the time you read this the Christmas Luncheon will have happened and I will have a new ornament for my tree. I am looking forward to what I hear is great Italian food. Please tell us your thoughts on the location and ideas for future events.

Please remember to sign-up for the pilot class with Jeanette Rees in February and Joyce has several inviting programs and classes planned . We will be getting into working on Seminar 2020 as well. I hope everyone will be involved in the fun and work to make it a great event (is stitching ever work?).
As always, READ ON!

May your Christmas and other Holidays be filled with all the things that make you happy, including the joy of seeing your handwork make your loved ones happy, too!

More in 2018!

Pat Sweet

2020 SCR Seminar Discovery

Can you believe that San Antonio Needlework Guild last hosted a South Central Regional Seminar in 2008??? SCR Seminars are successful because of the hard work and dedication of chapters that take on the responsibility of organizing them. But it truly does take the efforts of the whole chapter — some behind the scenes, others center stage.

SANG will be holding an exploratory seminar meeting on at 2:00 on January 14, 2017. Diane Williams has graciously opened her home for this meeting. Believe it or not — the time is NOW to start planning for 2020 or even later.

Anyone who is interested serving on a committee, providing input on the feasibility of hosting a seminar, or has ideas to share is encouraged to attend.


The Bead Bazaar is at Pedrotti Ranch, Friday, August 11, 10-5 and Saturday August 12, 10-5. Let me know if you are interested in sitting and stitching in public at the show. It is a good day to work on a project and if you are a beader, a nice place to shop. Most of it is jewelry beads but very pretty.

Joan Vanderbrink

2017 Community Outreach Project

I have seen many of you stitching your love quilt blocks and have received 2 blocks from Karin Shaw tonight at our meeting.

Just some notes: Don’t use charms or beads or other sewn on embellishments.

Please sign your work when you are finished. Just your name and initial or just initials and location (San Antonio, TX or I just put TEXAS) close to the bottom of the finished pattern.

Please let me know if the piece is washed or unwashed. The squares need to be forced dried by an iron. If you are not comfortable washing your square, Love Quilts USA will wash it for you. Please put NOT WASHED on a piece of paper pinned to the piece.

You can give them to me at a meeting or stitch in. I would like them by the November 28 meeting. This is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We can get a group day and night picture.

Joan Vanderbrink

Community Outreach Chairman

A Thank You to SANG…

A Thank You to SANG…

Please let the SANG members know how excited I was to win the SANG opportunity knocks suitcase at the EGA SCR Seminar 2017. This was the first time for me win an opportunity knocks basket….and a great basket it is!

I immediately used the PowerCore and Portable Lamp at Seminar. Everyone at my table was jealous. The carrying case, cables, and PowerPort made everything so easy to use.

I was impressed with the quality of workmanship on the pillow cases, project bags, zippered cases. etc. The laying tool is beautiful. I treasure wooden items.

Everything in the basket is fun and useful. I shared one of the Project Portfolios with my roommate, Cindy Hambrick. She was delighted and immediately used it.

Thank you again for putting together such a great basket.

Judi Prukop

News from the annual meeting and seminar

t the banquet the officers elected in January were installed to serve for the next 2 years. They are:

Region Director – Shawn Miller
Assistant Region Director – Sandra Harwell Secretary – Karen Heller
Treasurer – Sherri Hagar
Education Coordinator – Mary Waldsmith

Shawn Miller reported that there will be 2 more classes from SCR through The Shining Needle Society. The first one will be a canvas project. We will only pay $15 of the $40 registration fee and a much better process for checking if registrants are members of SCR is in place. They are working to keep kit costs at a minimum. The other technique is in the works.

The Education Grant for Chapters will be $300 this year and we will be looking for a way to use it that will appeal to the most members.

In the next newsletter from SCR, Stitches, there will be information about applying for 2 $200 scholarships for those wishing to take classes. Apply by November 2017. The only requirement is that you write an article on the class. (It was mentioned that if you do not receive Stitches, you should check with the National Office about your email address and that stitches is formatted for computers and not for mobile devices)

We have the seminars for the next 7 years spoken for! We are a most active and involved Region!

Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

The “Gone Stitchin’” Seminar in Sugar Land was wonderful! Congratulations to The Tip of Texas Chapter and the Region!

Diane Williams, our nominee, won a Heart & Hand award for her contributions to the Growth of Our Chapter and for Leading Us Forward through the years! Congratulations, Diane!

Our prize “basket” On the Road, was won by Judy Prukop of the Tip of Texas Chapter, well known to our Chapter. She was thrilled and her note of thanks is also in this newsletter. Linda Bell, Tawney Carter (Stitch-in-Turn), Joyce McCoig, Jessica Jones and Joan Vanderbrink, our thanks to all of you for contributing to the basket. I really had a hard time parting with it and tried hard to bring it home again!

The winning GCC’s are listed on another page with details on signing up. SCR will pay the registration. The deadline to sign up is September 30. If you complete them in the allotted time and send them for evaluation, you will receive another $25 towards your expenses. See more news from the Region’s Annual Meeting on other pages.

I also hope you have been looking at the pieces for the 2018 seminar “GuilDy Treasures” in Dallas. There are some very tempting pieces! One comment from them for those attending-”bring a tote bag as you will receive a project bag as your “Registration Bag.”

Once again the EGA President Leslie Gagliardi, attended our Seminar and reported that the Crown Jewels fund raiser is drawing a lot of attention and donations. There is still time to enroll. EGA is also becoming a presence at large Needle Arts events to spread the word about our wonderful Guild.

Congratulations, too, to Karin Shaw on a fabulous exhibit of her water colors as part of the Arts at the Castroville Public Library the whole month of June.

A huge thank you to Joan Vanderbrink and Mary Hodges for representing SANG at the KLRN Auction and for being on their feet the whole night!

This is the July/August issue of the newsletter so please save it (particularly the calendar) so you don’t miss any of our fun stitch ins and deadlines, etc.

Stay Cool and Happy Stitching!

Pat Sweet

Arts at the Castroville Public Library

Castroville is a charming town just west of San Antonio. Their Public Library is currently sponsoring art work by various local artists – a different artist every month. In June SANG member and watercolorist Karin Shaw will be show-casing her watercolors there.

Karin became interested in watercolors through embroidery and several years ago had an opportunity to take watercolor classes at the Southwest School of Arts. The experience was all she had hoped for and opened her eyes to this new medium. Since then, adopting new skills and techniques, Karin has developed an extensive watercolor portfolio, some of which can be viewed at the library during the month of June.

The Castroville Public Library is located at: 802 London Street in Castroville

Their opening hours are:

Monday – Thursday10:00am–6:00pm

Friday Saturday Sunday

10:00am–5:00pm 10:00am–4:00pm Closed

SANG-RI-LA RETREAT September 27 – October 1, 2017

1001 Junction Highway, Kerrville, TX 7802 830-895-6005

All prices are for single or double occupancy. The prices include full breakfast and buffet lunch. This year dinner will be on your own. You can still eat at the hotel if you like or go out. We can even plan a pizza night or other group nights out (will discuss this at the retreat). The reason for this is some attendees went out to shop in the afternoon and didn’t make it back in time for dinner and such so now you can take your time out while others who stay to stitch can eat dinner at their leisure at the hotel and order what they like. Also the prices varied at dinner time and it was hard for me to come up with a fair price. In other words it was becoming an accounting nightmare. Please remember that breakfast does not include gratuity so try to remember to bring a little extra cash with you at breakfast time. Lunch on your own on Sunday. The prices also Include gratuities, meeting room charges, taxes, everything.

Four night package: includes as above Single occupancy- $550

Double occupancy – $305

Two night package: includes as above
Wednesday and Thursday leaving Friday at 12noon (incl. breakfast Thur. & Fri., lunch Thur.)

Friday and Saturday leaving Sunday at 12 noon (incl. breakfast Sat. & Sun., lunch Sat.)

Single occupancy- $265 Double occupancy- $145

Day Trippers: includes lunch for the day and meeting room usage – $30.00 Note: Contact Diane Williams with any questions or concerns

( or call cell phone 210-215-2812)

San Antonio Samplings 4 June 2017

Questions you might ask…

What time can I arrive?
Wednesday time of arrival is 4p.m. Day trippers can arrive anytime. On the day you are due to leave

you must be checked out of the hotel by 12 noon. Who can come?

Members of SANG, ASG, Bluebonnet ANG Chapter and Wildflower ANG Chapter have first priority but after August 15th any stitcher in SCR may sign up.

What about guests?
If you have friends, relatives, etc. in the area who wish to stop by, you are welcome to visit on the patio,

or in your room but not in the stitching room.

What if I cannot pay all at once? Can I make payments?
Yes, send a check for $50.00 to save your spot and add a check or several checks for the balance when

you want them deposited. Payment must be completed by August 31st. Make the check payable to SANG

Are there a minimum or maximum number of people? Maximum number is 30

What is the deadline for registration and changes to registration?
July 31st. (Actually you can call or email Diane after July to see if there are any retreat spaces left.

What if I have to cancel at the last minute?
A full refund is available if SANG can rebook the room but after August 15th and if SANG has at least

80% of the rooms booked.

How many persons per room?
Can have up to four per sleeping room. Just let Diane know if you are interested and she will get the cost

to you.