Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

By the time you read this Memorial Day and the Board Member/Seminar Committee Spring Retreat will have passed and the ideas and samples will be flying even faster than the last month. Thank you Diane Williams for taking the lead and showing us what fun we could have with this adventure!

Again, kudos to Diane for the Retro May Luncheon!
A good time was had by all! Pat Goalie gave a wonderful talk on our stitching roots with many historical slides. Thanks to everyone for providing more food than we could have eaten in an unimaginable variety of good things. Those of you who couldn’t make it this time will have to come next year no matter what the venue!

A very special welcome to The Wildflowers Chapter of ANG in Temple Texas to our group of Sister Chapters who share our workshops and special events! Several of the names in this group are longtime friends from EGA Chapters and it will be good to see them at our stitching events.

Are we really on a hiatus from new projects? My room is overflowing with totes and frames. Nametag and pre-stitching for the SCR Seminar, a Bargello Ornament, a Polar Bear for the Love Quilts and an “early” start on a Christmas stocking. Finish them all in time for their various deadlines? I can only hope! I’m sure many of you are in the same place.

Speaking of the SCR Seminar, keep an eye out for website information about the 2018 Seminar-Guildy Treasures in Dallas including class pieces. They usually appear about the time of this year’s Seminar which is June 7-11. The same will be true for the National 2018 Seminar in Louisville next October. Their pieces will be debuted at the August Seminar in Ashville.

At the 2017 Seminar in Ashville I will be casting the SANG vote on two Bylaw changes. One will change Article V regarding the terms of office for the National Executive Board to stagger the terms to “provide more continuity of institutional knowledge”. The other is to amend the language of Article III regarding membership to include changes in Federal and State (where Chapters reside) laws as time passes and to reword Article VII to allow more room for the 2nd Board Meeting of the year to “float” with the National Seminar. If you have questions, please ask!

Remember to vote on The Group Correspondence Courses. I still have the pictures and ballots in my tote.

Enjoy your summer of stitching!

Pat Sweet

Love Quilts

I am happy to see people stitching on their Love Quilt Block. We have 29 blocks chosen to be stitched. Please bring them to the November meeting. Please put a note on the block with WASHED or NOT WASHED on it. They will wash the block if you don’t feel comfortable washing it.

Please sign your name(first name is fine) and location (city, state and country is fine or just the state and country. I put Texas USA last time.)

Instructions have been in the February and March 2017 Newsletters.

I also want to thank Leslie LaFleur for donating 2 yards of 14 count Aida for the blocks. Visit Leslie’s website to see all her hand painted and hand dyed fabrics for cross stitch and embroidery.

If you have any questions, my email is [email protected]

Joan Vanderbrink

Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

Spring is well under way and the April Holidays have come and gone. Our SANG year is winding down but we all have all those great projects to work on on vacation and at all the stitch ins over the summer. The Night Meeting times will also continue as stitch ins. Wouldn’t want your fingers to get rusty!

The May Salad Luncheon on (Saturday May 6) has passed it’s deadline BUT if you would like to join us for a fun day with a wonderful lecture by Pat Goaley , please contact Diane Williams ASAP ! Bring a salad or dessert-homemade or not! If it’s something you enjoy, we will, too.

I am enjoying watching all the Love Quilt blocks grow. Mine is just a paw and a small part of the front so far but there is time.

Jessica and I are carrying tickets for the 2018 SCR Seminar drawing. The Guildy Treasures Seminar will be in Dallas in June of 2018 and includes many of our favorite teachers.

I hope most of you have voted on the Group Correspondence Courses. I am still carrying the copies of all the GCC’s for those who need to see the choices to vote on the SCR selections to be offered (voting open until June and I have ballots as well). You are not signing up for the classes by voting.

Hope to see you all at the Luncheon and some of you at the SCR and EGA Seminars!

Happy Stitching!

Pat Sweet

Heart in Hand Award

Whether you are new to guild or not, every year the SCR Region selects the criteria that they will be using to select the Heart and Hands Award winner for the year. This year that criteria is Option 1: The member who has volunteered the most to our guild or Option 2: The member who has promoted the most growth within our chapter. Past winners of this award from our chapter include Joyce McCoig, Joan Vanderbrink and Marilyn Veach. This is the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation and recognize someone that does a lot for our guild. If you know someone who meets the criteria for this year please let Pat Sweet or Jessica Jones know by sending either one of them an email with the title: Heart and Hands Nominee. Make sure to include your list of reasons for nominating this individual. The deadline for nominations will be April 19, 2017.

Heart in Hand Award

Thank you,

Jessica Jones

Region Rep

Sang Stitches at The Bead Market

SANG will be stitching at the Bead Market at Pedrotti Ranch on Hausman Road on Friday, August 11 and Saturday, August 12. Please mark these dates on your calendar. More info will be in summer newsletter.

Joan Vanderbrink

Outreach Chairman

Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

Almost to the end of the Programs and some of the fun for the first half of the year!

I’m pleased that so many have volunteered for the cross stitch Love Quilt blocks again this year! The animals are so cute and fun to stitch-not too late for more sign-ups! The Bargello ornament balls look like a good carry along project for vacations and hiding from the heat at home as well.

I hope, too, that most of you will join us at the May Salad Luncheon! Bring a salad or dessert-homemade or not- or talk to Diane Williams if you have something else in mind. The information and coupon are later in the newsletter.

We are still looking for our perfect nominee for The SCR Heart and Hand Award. Please read Jessica Jones’s article for the details and the deadline and talk to either of us if you have a suggestion.

Jessica and I are carrying tickets for the 2018 SCR Seminar drawing. The Guildy Treasures Seminar will be in Dallas in June of 2018.

I will also be carrying copies of all the GCC’s for those who need to see the choices to vote on the SCR selections to be offered (voting open until June and I have ballots as well)

In the National EGA news, Registration is still open for Seminar 2017 The Blue Ridge Rendezvous in Ashville NC August 15-20. Joyce is carrying tickets for the 2018 EGA Seminar in Louisville as well!

See you all at the Meetings, Stitch ins, Luncheon and anytime else the Stitching Lamp is lit!

Happy Stitching!

Pat Sweet

News from National!

I just came back from the EGA Board of Directors meetings in Louisville. I am continually amazed at the amount of work that is accomplished at the two face-to-face meetings conducted each year. And this time was no exception. In addition to the usual executive, personnel, and finance committees meetings, plus the board of directors meeting itself, we met with a Louisville marketing firm, Sheehy Marketing. They were selected from several firms who expressed an interest in working with a non-profit entity like EGA. For EGA to remain a viable organization, we need to attract more members. And to do that, we need to update our image. Sheehy is going to help us do just that. So in the coming months, you are going to hear about their ideas for updating things like our logo and image. EGA is going to be 60 years old in 2018. It’s time to bring it into the 21st century. We are also working on a plan to stagger the terms of the elected officers to provide more continuity on the executive committee. Region directors already serve terms that overlap each other. So this is a continuation of that premise. If you want to hear more about the national meetings, come to the next chapter meeting, day or night.

And speaking of next year, I also have tickets for the drawing for an all-expense paid trip to next year’s national seminar in Louisville where we will celebrate EGA’s 60th birthday. Cost is $10 each; and they will be available at all meetings and stitch-ins. Get yours before they’re all gone.

Joyce McCoig

BLUEBONNET ANG PRESENTS: Janet Zickler Casey “Boo Choo Choo Halloween Train”

Boo Choo Choo Halloween Train SEPT 22-24 2017 (3 Days)

Sign up deadline July 29, 2017

Boo Choo Choo is a whimsical Halloween train stitched on #18 white canvas. Beginning with an engine driven by a skeleton to a “box car” that is actually a coffin on wheels, each car is stitched separately and the completed stand ups are attached to one another, creating a whimsical holiday decoration. including the engine, a coal car “graveyard,” a “box car” coffin, and finally, a spooky caboose.

Proficiency Level: Intermediate Design Size: 10″ x 40″
Kit Fee $250

Due to the larger than typical price of the Kit (It is 4 canvases!!!) we will allow folks to do on installment plan. Total cost is due July 29. If you wish to pay in installments THREE (3) payments will be due on March 31 ($100), May 31 ($100) and remainder July 29 ($75 + ghost fees). Installments can be made with post-dated checks (we will hold until date). No Refunds after July 29. $25 Deposit is non refundable

SCR Group Correspondence Courses

This year they have made a few changes to how the SCR Group Correspondence Courses are being run. The cycle is as follows:

  • March 1 to June 1 – Voting will take place among the region to decide which 5 class selections the region will sponsor.
  • June 1 to September 30 – Sign up for these classes will occur during this time.
  • October 1 to December 31 – Administration and set up of classes for a January 1 start.
  • January 1, 2018 – Start GCC’s.

    I want to encourage everyone to vote. You get to vote 2 times. Voting does not commit you to taking a class. Voting helps the region choose which classes to offer. To take a class you do need to register during the designated sign up time to do so. I will provide ballots along with black and white copies of the course offering so that you can make you choices during the March meeting. A copy of the ballot will be printed in the newsletter. If you would like to look at color pictures while you make your choice, you can look up the classes at Please let me know if you have any questions. Results will be announced at the Annual Region Meeting in Sugarland.

    Happy Stitching!

    Jessica Jones

    Region Rep