Seminar Work Days

Can you keep a secret? Do you want a sneak peek at the favors for Seminar 2020? Please join your Seminar 2020 committee members in a Favor Work Day! We have been diligently working on favors for “our” seminar, and we’d love to have your willing hands and smiling faces with us. We will be matching donated fabrics, cutting fabric, sewing, die-cutting paper, etc. No experience is required. (Trust me: if I can do it, you can do it–these techniques are new to me, too!) We will meet at All-Brands Sewing & More, 10242 W. Loop 1604 N. #108 on Saturday 9 June and Saturday 14 July from 9 am-3pm. We will break for lunch around noon. Come for just the morning, the afternoon, or all day–any amount of time you can give us is greatly appreciated!
If you have any questions, please contact me at: or (719) 761-0618. Now is your chance to have a hand in the favors that SANG provides. Help us show off your talent to the South Central Region in 2020! I’ll see you there!

Mary Layman

Summer Outreach Habitat for Humanity

Here is a picture of the piece we are doing for Habitat for Humanity. I stitched it in one day using 14 count white Aida. It will fit into a 5 X 7 frame. If you are interested in stitching this, let me know and I will get you the pattern.
312 Dark Blue
703 Green
321 Medium blue
It calls for 3 strands of DMC. I used a 9 X 11 piece of white Aida and 3 strands of floss.
I need 12 pieces by October 1 so we can frame them. Presenting the pieces to Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio may give us some good publicity.

Joan Vanderbrink

June Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

I hope everyone enjoyed the May Luncheon as much as I did! I had a great time in Shawn Miller’s Stocking class and enjoyed her talk as well. Thank you, Shawn! The sandwich lunch was perfect for the Spring (?) Texas weather. Thank you, Diane Williams! If you have not yet sent your dues to Tawney Carter, please contact her immediately to tell her you are putting the check in the mail. The information and coupon for the SANG Retreat are in this issue! Registrations are being accepted and there are not many places left, so don’t miss out! Joan Vanderbrink sent pictures of our April Exhibit at Forest Hills Public Library to Rand Duren, EGA’s Electronic Media Coordinator, and he has put together a wonderful display of our pieces. There was a link to it in the last EGA E-newsletter. Joan has also added Habitat for Humanity to our outreach list. We will make a dozen simple samplers for them by October. “Piece of cake,” right? See Joan’s item later in this issue! I just received the President’s mailing from National. There were two items of interest to all. I am sorry that they are, for the moment, available on-line only. There are two new Petite Projects in education news. They were also shown in the last EGA E-newsletter (I will print pictures & they will, most likely, be in the June magazine). They can be found under Document Downloads along with many others. Don’t forget about the EGA Stitch-a-Long on Facebook. Most months, a small project is provided and many times it is possible to do some stash diving to come up with materials. There are close to 2,700 stitchers who have joined the group; why don’t you check it out? If you have email and are a member, you should be receiving the EGA newsletter and the SCR newsletter. If not, contact EGA Headquarters to see if your email address is out of date or has an error in it. You are the one who should change your information with them. Hope to see you all at the SCR Seminar (I know it’s not nearly all and wonder why!!) and at all the stitch-ins which continue all summer!All are also welcome at the Seminar Work Day at All Brands Sewing Center on June 9! Happy Stitching!

Pat Sweet

Did You Know?

There are groups who will take your donations of yarn, quilting materials, etc….. The Knitters at Christ Episcopal Church, 510 Belknap collect donations of yarn for prayer shawls. You can call 210-736-3132, and can leave yarn donations with Carol Miller (staff) or you can go there on Tuesdays 1:30-3:00 where they will be knitting in the library. Other yarns, especially baby yarn, can be donated to Central Christian Church, 720 N. Main, 210-227-5273. Call ahead to the office so they will know to expect you. Quilting materials can be donated to Threads of Love at Oak Hills Church, 19595 IH-10, 210-279-1717 or 210-691-2105. They make baby things for neonatal babies. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-4.

Programs April 2018

Our April meetings were full of pine trees! Pine tree stand-ups, that is. A total of eight members finished the Mini Pine Tree that we started stitching at the March meetings. Several others took home kits to finish theirs as soon as stitching is complete. If you weren’t at a meeting, and you need a finishing kit, just let Joyce know; and she will see that you get one. And for those who have their finishing supplies, remember she is available at any meeting or stitch-in to help you with your tree. Those who are already finished can attest to the fact that this finishing is quick and easy. Here’s a photo of the ones that were done at the day meeting. We’re now looking forward to having our South Central region director, Shawn Miller, lead us in her stocking project at the spring luncheon on May 12. This will be our last program before the summer break. There will still be lots of opportunities to sit and stitch over the summer months. Library stitch-ins and the Wednesday day stitch-ins will continue as well as the fourth Tuesday night stitch-in at St. Marks Church on Vance Jackson.

-Joyce McCoig

Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye… May 2018

As I write Fiesta San Antonio is in full swing and the weather could not be more delightful! I hope many of you are taking time from enjoying this time of year to stitch – which, by the way, can be done outside!
The May Luncheon will be held This month at St. Marks and the address and other information is later in this newsletter. It is time to send your dues to Tawney Carter, so we will have all of them together to send them to National by the end of May. Tawney will have a table at the luncheon to save you the postage so bring your check and form (later in the newsletter) if you haven’t already gotten it to her.
The information and coupon for the SANG Retreat are in this issue! Registrations are being accepted so don’t miss out!
There is still time to donate items to our table at the SCR Seminar 2018 Stash sale. Please bring items you would like to donate to this Chapter fund raiser to me or to any of the Board members.
I am looking for two volunteers for the 2018 Nominating Committee. Jessica Jones will be the chairman. Please contact me if you are willing, or need more information.
Hope to see you all at the Luncheon, at the SCR Seminar and at all the stitch-ins which continue all summer!
Happy Stitching!
Pat Sweet


On Saturday, January 13, 2018, I priority mailed Pam Roth, Love Quilts USA, 33 blocks made by our members. We had 21 participants and several made 2, Caroline McCauley made 7. Pam was pleased and thankful for the blocks. If you have Facebook, check out their Facebook page, Love Quilts USA, and see the thank you notes from Pam and several of her followers. You do have to belong but it is worth asking to be part of their group.

Their website is . Click on “Photo Site” and it will bring up a list of photo albums. Scroll down until you find “San Antonio Guild 2018” and you will find our photo album. It is heartwarming to see the quilts they have made in the past and the children who are kept warm with them.

Thank you for all your stitching time in making the blocks.

Joan Vanderbrink Community Outreach Chairman

Out Reach -Collections


We are collecting “orphan threads” as an ongoing project. This includes kit threads, floss with no numbers and threads we are not going to use again and donate them to Threads of Blessings to promote needlework in Uganda. These stitchers are making beautiful pieces out of grass and could use thread. They don‟t need to be full skeins, just a few feet. I will bring a tote bag to collect these threads to the General meetings or if you have them at a stitch in, I will take them.


We are also collecting toiletry items for Meals on Wheels. Anytime you go traveling, please pick up the shampoos, hand soaps, shower caps, etc. from the hotels. I will have a tote bag for these items at the General Meetings or give them to me at stitch ins.

We will make drawstring bags for them at the November meetings. Christian Senior Services Meals on Wheels recommends these items:

Kleenex/Tissue packets, hand lotions, single packaged combs/brushes, toothpaste, mouthwashes, single packaged toothbrushes, shampoos, hand soaps/hand sanitizers, shower caps, soft pair of socks and large puzzle books.

Joan Vanderbrink

SANG Exhibits

Joyce McCoig and I set up our spring exhibit at Forest Hills Library, 5245 Ingram Road. Thank you to all who loaned us pieces. If you have time, go by and see it. It is worth the trip or come April 9, 2018 at 6-8 pm when we stitch there and see it.

We are going to have a Patriotic Exhibit there in November, 2018, so start stitching or finding any Patriotic and red white and blue pieces to be on display the month of November. I will need to collect them by October 23 day and night meetings.

Joan Vanderbrink

Continued Outreach

Our ongoing outreach programs are collecting “orphan threads” for Threads of Blessing and toiletries for Meals on Wheels. I will have tote bags at the meetings to collect these items.

Joan Vanderbrink