And to Think that I Saw it on Bowie Street

by Mary Hodges (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)


When they heard the news, my guild was humming,
It’s happened, they said, National Seminar’s coming.
I eagerly opened the catalog (which couldn’t be slicker), but no classes I saw made my heart beat any quicker.
I sat there and pouted, bemoaning my plight
when Pat Sweet came by to talk (I was a pitiful sight). “No classes? That’s perfect! I have just the thing,
join my group of volunteers .. it’ll be amazing.”

Day 1 was packet stuffing – both official and fun,
about 25 ladies set to work to get it all done.
We filled over 600 packets, each with 85 things we’re compiling, empty boxes were stacking, stuffed bags stockpiling.
When we were done, the sight was quite crazy
(sorry, no pictures, this reporter was lazy).
Okay, I’m exhausted, how many days did I commit?
Every day but one, I’ll be a goner, aw s#!t…

Day 2, it’s happened, it’s finally here, registration is open, it’s all in high gear.

I’m handing out packets, checking tickets and class,
“this is all going smoothly”, last time I think that, alas.
Classrooms have moved, quick, run a change to the printer
Marriott’s overbooked???? Curses, our lasses are stranded (good thing it’s not winter!)

Day 3 – registration, I’m hitting my stride
directing to classes, exhibit – I’m a nifty tour guide.
“Next year’s classes – don’t miss them, they’re over this way
the auction is quite spiffy, opportunities plenty – all open, all day.”

Day 4 – took the day off to make costumes, not supposed to be here
I show up (bringing costume with me) – I’m addicted to Seminar, I fear.

Day 5 – batten the hatches – it’s a tornado, a flood, a monsoon
weather advisories, sirens, has the Marriott become our Temple of Doom??? It’ll take more than an angry Mother Nature to give EGAsters a fright
no one abandons ship — it’s Merchandise Night!

Day 6 – things are a little spooky, there’s a hint of fright in the air ghosts and goblins aren’t the problem, someone’s outbidding, no fair! The last full day’s a doozy, all are learning a lot
I won my silent auction, so take it all back, there’s no plot…

Day 7 – the day dawns with sadness, everyone’s saying goodbye but the day’s not yet over, though time is starting to fly.
The luncheon was fantastic, Champaign brie my new favorite soup. Thank y’all, you were awesome — volunteering a hoot!