A Thank You to SANG…

A Thank You to SANG…

Please let the SANG members know how excited I was to win the SANG opportunity knocks suitcase at the EGA SCR Seminar 2017. This was the first time for me win an opportunity knocks basket….and a great basket it is!

I immediately used the PowerCore and Portable Lamp at Seminar. Everyone at my table was jealous. The carrying case, cables, and PowerPort made everything so easy to use.

I was impressed with the quality of workmanship on the pillow cases, project bags, zippered cases. etc. The laying tool is beautiful. I treasure wooden items.

Everything in the basket is fun and useful. I shared one of the Project Portfolios with my roommate, Cindy Hambrick. She was delighted and immediately used it.

Thank you again for putting together such a great basket.

Judi Prukop