Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2016 has arrived. Every January I look back at the last year, see what I can do better and set some goals to achieve. I have said before I am a constant work in progress, always searching for new ways to stay motivated to reach my stitching goals. While I did not get as far on some projects as I would have liked, I did finish some works in progress that have been in the closet for a couple of years. I had a eureka moment when I was wrapping gifts for the holidays and realized that I did not have to go hunting for all of my wrapping supplies because I had placed them all in one location in a closet. Bonus: my family members could find it when they needed as well and did not have to have me find it. So while some of my stitching supplies have been organized others are not and it does take time to look through all of my stash to find a missing thread that I know that I bought for a specific project or a charm that I need to finish off a piece. One of my goals is to overhaul my stash organization. I am looking into some applications that I can use to categorize my stash to keep me organized. I want to spend less time looking for missing pieces and more time stitching. I am also looking into setting up a stitchy corner that can stay set up all the time. I find that it takes some time to pack up after a day of stitching and with a more permanent space I could spend the time prepping for my next stitching session instead of packing up.

We will be starting the Stitch-A-Longs this month. If you are on the fence, please consider joining in. Due to this being a new concept for some we will be extending the check-in or sign up for the first SAL to January 9, 2016. We will be making a stitch-in of it. If you have not signed up we will take pictures and get you signed up. If you already signed up then this is your opportunity to get some dedicated time to your project. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Here is a recap of the categories for the Happy New Year SAL. SAL 1 – January and February 2016

Happy New Year SAL
o New Start
o Any project you have with a winter theme.
o Any project you have with hearts or LOVE on it. o Any project with the color Grey.
o Any project that has specialty stitches.

We will be teaching a children’s class in February at Forest Hills Library on February 27, 2016. If you would like to help the Guild teach, please contact Joan Vanderbrink.
As I go along on in my journey for improve my stitching experience and make 2016 the best year to date, I will let you know what I find by writing an article about it. If it helps me it may help you too.

Happy stitching,

Jessica Jones