Arts at the Castroville Public Library

Castroville is a charming town just west of San Antonio. Their Public Library is currently sponsoring art work by various local artists – a different artist every month. In June SANG member and watercolorist Karin Shaw will be show-casing her watercolors there.

Karin became interested in watercolors through embroidery and several years ago had an opportunity to take watercolor classes at the Southwest School of Arts. The experience was all she had hoped for and opened her eyes to this new medium. Since then, adopting new skills and techniques, Karin has developed an extensive watercolor portfolio, some of which can be viewed at the library during the month of June.

The Castroville Public Library is located at: 802 London Street in Castroville

Their opening hours are:

Monday – Thursday10:00am–6:00pm

Friday Saturday Sunday

10:00am–5:00pm 10:00am–4:00pm Closed

SANG-RI-LA RETREAT September 27 – October 1, 2017

1001 Junction Highway, Kerrville, TX 7802 830-895-6005

All prices are for single or double occupancy. The prices include full breakfast and buffet lunch. This year dinner will be on your own. You can still eat at the hotel if you like or go out. We can even plan a pizza night or other group nights out (will discuss this at the retreat). The reason for this is some attendees went out to shop in the afternoon and didn’t make it back in time for dinner and such so now you can take your time out while others who stay to stitch can eat dinner at their leisure at the hotel and order what they like. Also the prices varied at dinner time and it was hard for me to come up with a fair price. In other words it was becoming an accounting nightmare. Please remember that breakfast does not include gratuity so try to remember to bring a little extra cash with you at breakfast time. Lunch on your own on Sunday. The prices also Include gratuities, meeting room charges, taxes, everything.

Four night package: includes as above Single occupancy- $550

Double occupancy – $305

Two night package: includes as above
Wednesday and Thursday leaving Friday at 12noon (incl. breakfast Thur. & Fri., lunch Thur.)

Friday and Saturday leaving Sunday at 12 noon (incl. breakfast Sat. & Sun., lunch Sat.)

Single occupancy- $265 Double occupancy- $145

Day Trippers: includes lunch for the day and meeting room usage – $30.00 Note: Contact Diane Williams with any questions or concerns

( or call cell phone 210-215-2812)

San Antonio Samplings 4 June 2017

Questions you might ask…

What time can I arrive?
Wednesday time of arrival is 4p.m. Day trippers can arrive anytime. On the day you are due to leave

you must be checked out of the hotel by 12 noon. Who can come?

Members of SANG, ASG, Bluebonnet ANG Chapter and Wildflower ANG Chapter have first priority but after August 15th any stitcher in SCR may sign up.

What about guests?
If you have friends, relatives, etc. in the area who wish to stop by, you are welcome to visit on the patio,

or in your room but not in the stitching room.

What if I cannot pay all at once? Can I make payments?
Yes, send a check for $50.00 to save your spot and add a check or several checks for the balance when

you want them deposited. Payment must be completed by August 31st. Make the check payable to SANG

Are there a minimum or maximum number of people? Maximum number is 30

What is the deadline for registration and changes to registration?
July 31st. (Actually you can call or email Diane after July to see if there are any retreat spaces left.

What if I have to cancel at the last minute?
A full refund is available if SANG can rebook the room but after August 15th and if SANG has at least

80% of the rooms booked.

How many persons per room?
Can have up to four per sleeping room. Just let Diane know if you are interested and she will get the cost

to you.

Membership News

Many of you have already renewed your membership for the next year, but if you haven’t it’s still not too late!! Contact Tawney Carter (or any board member) ASAP if you intend to renew.

Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

By the time you read this Memorial Day and the Board Member/Seminar Committee Spring Retreat will have passed and the ideas and samples will be flying even faster than the last month. Thank you Diane Williams for taking the lead and showing us what fun we could have with this adventure!

Again, kudos to Diane for the Retro May Luncheon!
A good time was had by all! Pat Goalie gave a wonderful talk on our stitching roots with many historical slides. Thanks to everyone for providing more food than we could have eaten in an unimaginable variety of good things. Those of you who couldn’t make it this time will have to come next year no matter what the venue!

A very special welcome to The Wildflowers Chapter of ANG in Temple Texas to our group of Sister Chapters who share our workshops and special events! Several of the names in this group are longtime friends from EGA Chapters and it will be good to see them at our stitching events.

Are we really on a hiatus from new projects? My room is overflowing with totes and frames. Nametag and pre-stitching for the SCR Seminar, a Bargello Ornament, a Polar Bear for the Love Quilts and an “early” start on a Christmas stocking. Finish them all in time for their various deadlines? I can only hope! I’m sure many of you are in the same place.

Speaking of the SCR Seminar, keep an eye out for website information about the 2018 Seminar-Guildy Treasures in Dallas including class pieces. They usually appear about the time of this year’s Seminar which is June 7-11. The same will be true for the National 2018 Seminar in Louisville next October. Their pieces will be debuted at the August Seminar in Ashville.

At the 2017 Seminar in Ashville I will be casting the SANG vote on two Bylaw changes. One will change Article V regarding the terms of office for the National Executive Board to stagger the terms to “provide more continuity of institutional knowledge”. The other is to amend the language of Article III regarding membership to include changes in Federal and State (where Chapters reside) laws as time passes and to reword Article VII to allow more room for the 2nd Board Meeting of the year to “float” with the National Seminar. If you have questions, please ask!

Remember to vote on The Group Correspondence Courses. I still have the pictures and ballots in my tote.

Enjoy your summer of stitching!

Pat Sweet