Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

The hot days of summer are almost over. I hope you spent those days in the cool air conditioning stitching. My Hapsburg Lace is ready for our next class September 13 and I am working on the Hapsburg scissor case for the next meeting August 26. I have also been knitting two afghans for my granddaughter’s baby due September 22. I have to get busy on the second one.

We have a stitch in public on the fifth Saturday in August at Jo-Ann on McCullough in the classroom in the back at 9:00 am.

I want to thank Mary Hodges and Pat Allison for getting our 2014 membership roster together and Joyce McCoig for distributing it to our out of town members. The print is a good size for our eyes. Check out the list of emergency necessities.

My cousin wants me to stitch a Maryland Blue Crab for him and I just happened to be in the Stitching Post in Catonsville, MD, with my sister for a night time stitch in and they had one on their wall. It is beautiful. They were out of stock of the pattern but I received it yesterday. It is very colorful. I may make a pillow out of it. I have a couple of other things to finish first though.

In Monday, July 28 San Antonio Express News, Drs. Oz and Roizen column was “Tips to maintain brainpower” Besides eating 100% whole grain, foods like salmon and sea trout and nine daily servings of fruits and veggies we can “Flexing your brain’s mental muscle by taking up group activities, crafts or arts, reading or playing games can also postpone or prevent cognitive problems.” Sounds like this fits SANG members. Keep those needles flying and help prevent memory problems in the future.

Joan Vanderbrink