President’s Message December 2013

Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

It is hard to believe Christmas is almost here. I still have not finished the knitted Christmas stocking for my third great grandchild, Hawk. He will only be 18 weeks old so he won’t know he may not have a stocking hanging for Santa but Grandma will know. I only have six weeks to go.

Yesterday when I was anxiously waiting for a repair man to come to my house, I picked up my Christmas ornament and started stitching the last part. I could see out my front window for his truck, but just the feel of the fabric and needle in my hands calmed me down. I may not be stitching but I just like a project bag close by in case I have a few minutes to pick it up. I try to take my bookmark bag with me everywhere. It just helps to know it is there and I can keep calm and cross stitch.

I came across my first EGA Membership card in a drawer. Judy Jeroy was EGA President and it expired 1993. I just passed my twentieth anniversary with EGA. Have I had a good time these past 20 years and look forward to more years and finished projects. Amadeus is first on my list to finish, next Great Grandchildren Complete life’s circle of love. Then I want to start Pat Rosendal’s “The Needle is My Immortality.” It is kitted and just waiting to see the light of day.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year. Keep those hoops and needles in your hands.

Joan Vanderbrink