President’s Message August 2013

Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

“Don’t let the past hold you back” was the title of Father Jack’s sermon at Blessed Sacrament Church a few weeks ago. I know Fr. Jack was talking about God’s forgiveness but I got to thinking about when I first joined the Guild. My past was cross stitch on Aida, but now I do Hardanger, pulled thread and Blackwork. I am looking forward to Amadeus in the fall with all the different stitches. The past is not holding me back. I am looking forward to upcoming projects.

I have not picked up a tapestry needle in several months. The only needles I have held were knitting needles for the two afghans I made for my granddaughter’s two baby showers. Taking into consideration I have not knitted in several years, I told her by the time it came to her youngest brother’s wife’s shower, I should be a pro. (Colby is only 16 now and there are 4 other kids. By the time I do 8 more afghans, I should have this knitting pattern down pat.)

I was looking through old newsletters again and found December 2006. Janice Green’s term as President was ending. The night meeting was at Viva Bookstore on Broadway. Some were stitching Carole Lake’s beautiful Anasazi Dream. Some were doing Gay Ann Rogers’ Redwork Mystery Sampler which is also beautiful. We did the mini star sampler by Eileen Gilliland from Needlearts which I did do and really enjoyed the 7 part sampler. It is hanging on my living room wall as I write this.

Diane has done a wonderful job organizing the retreat. It is full and she has a waiting list. I hope everyone has sent in their registration or be willing to be put on the waiting list.
We will be stitching at Maverick Library Tuesday, August 6, Northwood Presbyterian Church Wednesday, August 7 at 9:30-11, lunch and more afternoon stitching. We will be at Memorial Library, Saturday, August 17 and our last meeting night summer stitch is Tuesday, August 27, 2013. We will be having a Board Meeting Wednesday, August 21 at 6:45 in the Chandler Senior Center.

We still have two more hot months of August and September yet. Come cool off with us at a stitch in soon.

Joan Vanderbrink

Member Spotlight

SANG wishes the very best of luck to our very own Karin Shaw who has submitted her fabulous “Winter Trees” for entry in the National Exhibit. In the artist’s own words ” This piece consists of three embroidered layers of sheer material thus creating the illusion of depth. Using a simple stem stitch with different thicknesses of DMC it depicts bare trees on a foggy day. A white frame and matting complete the feel of a winter scene.”

President’s Message September 2013

Short Threads from the Needle’s Eye…

We learn something new every day. I saw Lorna Dressler at the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild Show on Friday, August 23, 2013. She said today was the feast day of St. Rose of Lima, the patron saint of embroiderers. I did not know we had a saint looking over our work. I will try saying a prayer to her next time I stitch myself into a corner or while I am ripping out. Today, August 27, 2013, Joyce McCoig said St. Clare is the patron saint of needlework and she is correct also. We have two patron saints of embroidery.

I still have my knitting needles out to finish the Christmas stocking for my great grandson, Hawk Allen. I am past the heels and working towards the toe. I will line it or else it will go the floor with goodies. This is how I got my sewing machine when Kay Allison told me to use my sewing machine to line the stockings. When I said I did not have one she said “How do you live?” It is a portable machine but it does what I want it to do, line Christmas stockings and zig zag the edges of my Aida, quilt piecing and craft work.

We have Amadeus and Friends starting Saturday, September 14 at Chandler Senior Center for three Saturdays. Tawney is trying to get Tanya Berlin after the first of the year. More on this later.
It is hard to believe it is so close but our Christmas luncheon coupon is in this issue. It will be December 15 at Haven River Inn, Comfort, Texas. It is a beautiful place if you have not been there.

I came across an old SANG trifold membership application. The back fold had the EGA emblem and “Welcome to the joys of stitching.” Betty Petty was Membership Chairman and the dues were $25.00. The application part was torn off and I believe it was the one I sent to Betty to become a member. This was in 1994 if my memory is right. Best application form I ever filled out.

Happy September to all our sewers. September is National Sewing month.
We will be stitching in public on Saturday, September 21 at Memorial Library, our monthly day meeting starts again Tuesday, September 24 at Northwood Presbyterian Church and night meeting at 6:45 at Chandler Center. The fall leaves pattern Tawney has planned for September meeting program is pretty. The supply list is in the August newsletter. I hope to see you soon at a meeting or stitch in.

Joan Vanderbrink